Books from our Authors

Zayden's Awesome Adventures!

 Zayden’s Awesome Adventures are a series of fun, exciting times in the life of an extraordinary growing boy.  These adventures will make you smile, laugh and are great experiences to share with your early readers.  These family friendly books will keep your family smiling and cherishing each moment!  Come along, as we enjoy Zayden’s Awesome Adventures together! If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Claim Your Destiny!

 Claim Your Destiny is the book that will help you tap into the unlimited potential you possess! If you are ready for your breakthrough this is the book for you! You will be empowered with the stories of average people who have achieved amazing victories! You will be introduced to tools that will help you master yourself and live your dreams! If you are ready, now is the time for you to Claim Your Destiny! 

Claim Your Destiny! Workbook

 The Claim Your Destiny Workbook is a perfect complement for the life-changing book! The workbook will take you through questions and activities that will force you to stretch as you tap into the unlimited potential you possess! Working through the workbook is like having the dynamic coaching of Sugar Ray available 24/7! 

Love Your Melanin

 This is a book about the beauty found in each of us. It is a book written to inspire people to learn to love the skin they're in. 

David's Gift!

 David's Gift is a fun entertaining book for the young reader in your life. It will help them see the gift they have locked inside. 

Sugarcoated: Dedication to the Queen in You

 This is a book of poems and affirmations about the inner and outer beauty of women. It is a celebration of the grace, elegance and phenomenal strength of the women in our lives. 

Meet Our Authors

Zayden Mack


Zayden Mack is your typical 9 year old. He loves to hang out with his friends, family and playing video games. Zayden also enjoys playing baseball and basketball with his little league teammates. He is currently a straight A student at his elementary school. His dream is to make video games when he is older.  

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Sugar Ray Destin, Jr.

Sugar Ray is a Powerful Motivational Speaker! He has worked with several organizations across the nation to impact several thousand lives! He speaks with schools and organizations about overcoming obstacles in life, increasing self-confidence and strategies for tapping into their full potential! His company CYD Enterprises focuses on research not theory. Sugar Ray Destin, Jr. is a nationally sought after motivational speaker. He empowers audiences with his message of hope, passion and the unlimited potential each of us possess! Sugar Ray also empowers youth across the nation with leadership programs, mentoring programs and college preparation conferences! He is also the author of the top-selling books Claim Your Destiny!, Claim Your Destiny! Workbook and Sugarcoated


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Tiarra Michelle

Tiarra Michelle is a sophomore at Manor High School. She is an amazing student with a passion for writing. She is an honor roll student and wants to become a teacher after college.

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David White

David White is your typical 13 year old young man. He just finished his 7th grade year at Decker Middle School and will be returning for his 8th grade year. He has 3 sisters. David is an honor roll student at his school. His dream is to publish several books and become a World Famous Author. 


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